Chicago-based music startup LiveOne is getting some attention for the past of its CEO: Jimmy Chamberlin was the original drummer in the Smashing Pumpkins. Nowadays, he’s trying to help musicians make more money from livestreams of their concerts, according to a PandoDaily profile. “Music is always reflective of the culture that consumes it,” says Chamberlin. “And if the culture becomes more disposable, when music delivery is more disposable, when 90 percent of a young person’s life is in the cloud, it becomes less about product and more about experiences.” The article focuses more on Chamberlin than on his startup’s success – the sentence “Chamberlin says he has metrics to back up the fact that Crowdsurfing’s social tools do keep people on site,” is frustratingly unaccompanied by said metrics. Perhaps they’ll come when the startup – whose CrowdSurfing app was a finalist in the MidemLab contest back in 2012 – raises its Series A funding soon.

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