Prince launched an official Facebook page on 30 September, and has quickly bagged 1.7m Likes amid the launch excitement for his two new albums. Even more exciting for those fans: a post on that first day: “Join Prince for an exclusive Q&A on Facebook right here at 12pm PT3PM EST!! Submit your questions below!!!” We’ll charitably suggest that Prince has a bit more work to do if he wants to make the most of social media though: with 4,214 questions on the post, he has so far answered… one of them: a curious question asking him to “address the importance of ALL music being tuned to 432hz sound frequencies” which Prince responded to with a link to a website explaining “Here’s why you should convert your music to 432 Hz”. Perhaps he’ll jump online to respond to a few more this week, but if not, this looks increasingly like a setup for… well, we’re not sure what for, exactly. Nor are the fans who’ve posted questions.

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