When it comes to digital music, The Beatles are still tied to Apple. But step-by-step, Spotify is bagging the Fab Four – even if it’s having to do it individually with solo works.

Ringo Starr’s been on Spotify for a while – his live version of Yellow Submarine has been streamed nearly 365,000 times, y’know. Paul McCartney’s back catalogue was removed from streaming services in 2010, but returned in late 2012.

Now Spotify has added the complete back catalogue for John Lennon: eight studio albums and three compilations. Another holdout ended, then, but it sparks the obvious question: when will the Beatles back catalogue also be available to stream?

The band’s deal with Apple was announced in November 2010, so it’s coming up for four years now – beyond what we would have expected as an exclusive lock-in.

Perhaps a combination of data from McCartney and Lennon’s solo streams will lead to a tipping point for Apple Corps to give the nod to Spotify and its rivals for their former band. Although on what terms, we’ll have to wait and see.

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