Fresh from releasing an album as a single playable copy that travelled the world’s art galleries, Wu-Tang Clan have cooked up another new idea for their next record. ‘A Better Tomorrow’ will be released alongside the group’s 20th anniversary, with a limited-edition run of 3,000 copies embedded in $79.99 portable Bluetooth speakers. “This thing here, a tangible item, like your old Walkman or your old cassette, or your old record, that’s what this is bringing back,” RZA tells Billboard, about the device’s maker Boombotix. “You can’t download it, you can’t send it to your buddy, it’s personal. But a group of people can enjoy it at the same time, like a boombox,” he continues. “Artists been trying to find a way to protect their music for a long time. This is also a layer of protection… I had a problem with everybody getting their phones and everyone getting their headphones, the headphones cost 300 dollars, the phone cost 600 bucks, and they won’t pay 10 dollars for the music. What’s the use of the headphones without the music?”

EarPods and phone

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