A new report from Midia Research attempts to measure the digital music industry’s pulse by analysing 40 of the main services from around the world. Big stats include its claim that these services have 2.4bn users, and 886m paid users and buyers. Now, bear in mind that these are aggregate totals – this isn’t 2.4bn unique individuals listening to music, for example, but rather the total of each service’s user-count (and those services include YouTube, SoundCloud, Pandora and iTunes). As Midia’s Mark Mulligan puts it: “The cumulative total reported users across 40 services is 2.4 billion, highlighting the issues of inactive users and massive overlap between services.” The research tracks $1.4bn of investment in the 40 analysed services too, providing some averages: 21.5m users, 7.2m paying users and buyers, and $64.1m of investment per service – although these averages DO exclude YouTube and the iTunes Store. The full report – Digital Music Services Global Benchmark – is released today.

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