One of the big questions around YouTube and its economics is whether its advertising revenues are growing as fast as creators of all stripes would like (and, in many cases, need in order to fund their production). Here’s some interesting data from a prominent YouTuber suggesting that YouTube ad rates are at least growing. Hank Green is one half of YouTube duo the Vlogbrothers, whose main channel has 2.3m subscribers and 480m views, but who also run a mini-MCN of 15 channels. Green has shared data on the percentage growth in the amount of money paid per ad impression on those channels – note, NOT actual revenue growth, as YouTube’s terms of service bars him from showing that. “The picture is a nice one. From Q1 of 2012 to Q1 of 2014, there’s a roughly 200% increase in ad rates. From February of 2012 to today, a 450% increase,” he wrote. “I’d like to send a shout-out to the people at YouTube who have worked to make this graph this shape. Oh, and to the people in the advertising industry who have realized that, if they want to reach anyone under the age of 30, they literally have no other choice.”

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