London startup Dice made a splash when launching recently, partly through its focus on an editorial team providing gig recommendations, rather than pure e-commerce features. But it’s not the only company exploring editorial and ticket sales. eBay’s StubHub subsidiary has appointed its first editor-in-chief, Jonah Freedman, who’s been tasked with beefing up the company’s human recommendations. “Our firm commitment in ramping up our content strategy and capabilities across the service, so we can continue to create a community where fans can come to learn new things, plan events, buy tickets and more,” as the company put it. PandoDaily reports that Freedman will be recruiting a team of writers, and launching a section called 5 Things to Do in the recently-launched StubHub Music app. “We want to help fans figure out what to do with their weekends, and what to put on their bucket list…”

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