British MP Mike Weatherley is stepping down as intellectual property adviser to Prime Minister David Cameron, but not before publishing his third report into IP issues. This one, released on Friday, focuses on copyright education and awareness. It calls for the UK’s Intellectual Property Office (IPO) to “step up” the coordination of IP awareness programs; for intellectual property education to be included in the national curriculum; for broadcaster the BBC to create a copyright education program; to better measure British attitudes and behaviours around copyright; and for the government to appoint an IP/Education coordinator. “Getting education right on Intellectual Property awareness is paramount if, as a country, we are to property respect the value of the creative industries,” said Weatherley. Some of the report’s suggestions are likely to spark a heated debate, though: for example, the question of how involved the creative industries would be in drawing up any new curriculum, and whether there would be input from people and organisations who have other views.

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