Also at MIPCOM yesterday was Ynon Kreiz, CEO of multi-channel network Maker Studios, which was bought by Disney earlier this year. He didn’t really talk about music – although Maker does have a burgeoning stable of YouTube musicians – but rather talked up his company and its appeal to “millennials” (18-34 year-olds, apparently, not just teenagers). Kreiz said this was the key to Disney’s acquisition of Maker, which specialises in shortform videos. “They had to do something to remain relevant in that space – the shortform medium – and especially with millennials,” he said. “They saw an opportunity to extend their business into shortform, and for us, the opportunity was to extend our business into traditional media.” There were plenty of bullish soundbites: “We are inventing a new medium. We are doing what has not been done before,” said Kreiz, claiming that between 10,000 and 15,000 YouTubers are trying to join Maker’s network every day. And he had a message for traditional media companies: “Everybody is running after the millennials, and the millennials are running after us, because we have something that they want, which is great content…”

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