Two defendants in a prominent UK case concerning pre-release piracy are now pleading guilty, and will be sentenced next month. The case was triggered by an investigation by the BPI and IFPI into filesharing site Dancing Jesus, which was shut down in 2011. The trial is of two men: site owner Kane Robinson and one of his top uploaders, Richard Graham. Robinson pled guilty to charges of illegally distributing music in January 2014, but Graham has only just changed his plea from not guilty to guilty. “The guilty verdict confirms that posting illegal online links to music is a criminal offense which economically harms musicians and the labels that support them,” the BPI’s director of copyright protection David Wood told TorrentFreak. “Pre-release piracy, in particular, robs musicians of artistic control, leaving them with no say in when and how their music – which has taken blood, sweat and tears to produce – is released.”

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