We’ve been catching glimpses of Will.I.Am‘s smartwatch for some time now: he cheekily showed it off on The Voice UK earlier in the year, for example, despite the BBC’s rules on product placement. Its official unveiling happened this week at the Dreamforce conference in San Francisco though. The device is called Puls, and it’s capable of making voice calls, sending texts, checking social networks and playing music. Oh, and he’s describing it as a “cuff” rather than a smartwatch. “Watches don’t have SIM cards,” he told Gizmodo. It sounds like he’s still got plans for other hardware products though. “With the cuff design, you start pointing at the problems, and then the answers are the products. First off, who in the fuck is going to be putting up their wrist up to take a picture? I don’t want to be hanging out with that guy,” he says. “Come on bro, let’s just be real. So how do you take a picture? Glasses. Let’s make glasses that take a picture. And people take pictures by tapping their wrist and looking…” We’d settle for him making something that stops his name becoming a URL whenever we write about him…

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