Topspin co-founder Shamal Ranasinghe has returned with a new service: Fluence, which we’ve already seen described as Topspin-meets-LinkedIn. The company puts it another way: “a simple utility to directly connect curators and creators for feedback and promotional advice” which has been in closed beta for a while, but opened out yesterday. It’s about people submitting media – from music and video to startup pitches – to a network of experts, who can give feedback and/or pass it on to their peers who might be more useful. Feedback can be made public or private too. Ranasinghe published his own blog post on Medium to explain the thinking behind Fluence. “As more media is produced than ever before and everyone’s attention fragments limitlessly online, curators are increasingly essential in reaching the right people,” he wrote, noting that these experts often have overloaded inboxes and sundry distractions. “We built Fluence as a way to streamline and improve the way they focus on inbound submissions.” Even at this stage, Fluence looks a flexible and powerful tool: the key now will be building out that network.

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