Will.i.am is very excited about his new Puls smartwatch, but will gadget buyers be as enthusiastic? One of the first technology sites to review the device, The Verge, is distinctly unimpressed. “I got a chance to use an early production model earlier today. It’s objectively the worst product I’ve touched all year,” explains its report. Ouch. Some highlights: “It’s a thick and inflexible device that is not comfortable to wear… The screen is small and grainy and the operating system is neither responsive or intuitive… It’s unsurprisingly terribly frustrating to use. The Puls’ feels like a Kickstarter concept product that never should have made it to production… it’s safe to say that you should probably just spend your money elsewhere. Will.i.am will get over it.” There’s a clarification noting that the device tested was an early model, but with competition including Apple, Samsung and a host of other devices, if Puls doesn’t significantly improve by the time it goes on sale, it could be a flop.

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