Have you watched Taylor Swift’s new music video, for her single ‘Blank Space’ yet? If so, you may have noticed the ad at the end for what looks like a brand new Taylor Swift tablet app.

Here, watch for yourself: you’ll need to scrub forwards to about three minutes and 55 seconds:

YouTube video

So what’s the app? Well, it’s called American Express Unstaged: Taylor Swift Experience, and it was released today for Android, iPhone and iPad devices: here’s the iOS link and here’s the Android link. Bad news, non-American Taylor Swift fans: it appears to be US-only for now, as far as we can tell.

So what’s it about? “Step inside a cinematic interactive musical experience starring Taylor Swift. Choose where you go, who you follow and what you explore in a stunning house filled with characters, objects and scenes,” explains the app store listing.

“Shot with groundbreaking 360° cameras and scored with a rich audio soundtrack based on Taylor’s single ‘Blank Space’ from her new album 1989, the experience is an immersive journey with intertwined storylines, multiple rooms and dozens of hidden interactive features waiting to be unlocked and explored.”

Intriguing stuff. The app also includes the Blank Space music video, links to buy 1989, and ticketing information for Swift’s upcoming tour, as well as footage from the video shoot, and other Amex Unstaged events – it’s the company’s partnership with music video service Vevo, which has been going since 2010.

We’ve written thousands of words about Taylor’s decision to remove her back catalogue from streaming service Spotify in the last week, so it’s nice to be able to write about another aspect to her digital career. If you’re in the US, let us know how the app performs. And if you work for American Express or Vevo, let us know why fans on this side of the Atlantic are being left out of the fun…

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