Intel’s wearables boss Mike Bell has criticised the current generation of smartwatches as lacking in mainstream appeal. “Taping a cellphone to your wrist is not what I’d call a wearable. There has to be a reason why you’d use the technology,” he said at this week’s Web Summit conference. “That’s part of the reason you don’t see wearables selling much today. It’s maybe not a thing that normal people want to wear.” Intel is working hard on chipsets for use in smartwatches and other wearable devices, but is also hoping to nudge the market towards better, more appealing devices. “I have’t seen anything I particularly like in smartwatches yet. I have a Swiss-made watch that I like a lot. I think the ultimate device is where you have something that looks like a Swiss watch, and also has smart features inside it … I think we’re not too far off getting there.”

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