Every so often, Kobalt Label Services’ marketing director David Emery publishes a thoughtful post on his own blog about the digital industry. The latest focuses on YouTube. “It is so big, so ubiquitous that the idea that it might lose that position is almost unthinkable. And yet, recently that’s exactly what I’ve been thinking about,” he writes. He suggests that a “lack of consumer facing innovation” leaves YouTube vulnerable to “a potential death by a thousand cuts, with different smaller services picking off niche (but still massive) chunks of the core audience until it no longer has the dominance it has now” – a bit like MySpace’s fall not just to Facebook, but to smaller sites focusing on tour dates, messaging and streaming music. But Emery also suggests Facebook may have a role to play in YouTube’s decline through its move into native video. “A while back there was a rumour that Facebook was going to buy Vevo, which at the time sounded crazy as Vevo gets most of its audience from YouTube. Now though, I wonder…”

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