It’s pile-on time for the notion of free, unlimited on-demand streaming, in the wake of Taylor Swift’s dispute with Spotify. Latest to bundle into the debate is William Morris Endeavor (WME) head of music Marc Geiger. “I think it’s insane that the industry is so scared of the digital consumers that they have to give away all the content for free,” he said in a keynote speech at Billboard’s Touring Conference this week. “Give me a f***ing break. I think the whole thing is ridiculous… The all-you-can-eat for 30 days, everything-on-the-menu thing is crazy.” Geiger’s support for paid subscriptions isn’t a surprise to anyone who saw his Midem keynote earlier this year though, when he pitched the vision of future “music service providers” charging a minimum of $10-$15 a month plus add-ons for family members, higher-quality streams and exclusive content. “The history of subscriptions say they start cheap and go up. Always,” he said then.

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