Righscorp has become one of the biggest players in the copyright enforcement market, but there may be trouble ahead for it in the US, where it’s facing a new class action lawsuit. Attorney Morgan Pietz says the company has been making illegal and harassing automated telephone calls to people accused of illegally filesharing, in an effort to get them to agree to $40 settlements. “They robo-called Jeanie Reif’s cell phone darn near every day for a couple of months,” Pietz tells Ars Technica. “And there could be thousands of members of this class.” With potential damages of up to $1,500 per incident if deemed “wilful”, that could be a major financial penalty for Rightscorp if it loses the case. And for John Does 1-10 – as-yet unnamed clients of the company who Pietz also wants to include in the lawsuit. The company’s website lists music companies including Shapiro Bernstein, Round Hill Music and Wolfgang’s Vault as clients.

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