This weekend saw a fun digital campaign for the latest One Direction album ‘Four’, which involved sending fans to streaming music service Spotify to find hidden “snippets” of tracks. “You guys mentioned #FOUR A LOT … so … find the first #H1DDENinSpotify snippet by typing Y567FN7089 in to your @Spotify search,” tweeted out the band’s official account on Friday. Fans doing as they were told were taken to a track on Spotify called FHR84JRBD by a band called Y567FN7089. It’s not a song: it’s a 48-second audio clip of a member of One Direction talking about how weird it is doing a photo-shoot for an album. The band had earlier encouraged fans to get #H1DDENinSpotify and #FOUR trending on Twitter to kick the campaign off, and shortly after tweeting the first track, tweeted a second. There’s also a #H1DDENinSpotify playlist with the album plus a few older songs, for fans to follow – more than 230,000 had done by the end of the weekend. It’s a clever idea, and one tailor-made for the One Direction audience.

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