How many Christmas songs are there in the western digital music catalogue? Here’s a specific answer: 180,660. At least, that’s according to an analysis of Spotify’s catalogue by Aaron Daubman, which Spotify’s Paul Lamere has written about on his Music Machinery blog. In fact, Daubman found 914,047 Christmas tracks on Spotify, although due to duplications across different compilation albums, that boils down to 180,660 unique tracks. The fun follow-on question: which artist has the most Christmas songs? If you guessed Bing Crosby, have 10 points. If you guessed that he’d have 22,382 Christmas songs, take the rest of the year off in celebration. But bear in mind that 2,196 of those are versions of ‘White Christmas’ from different albums – one song, but separate “tracks” under Spotify’s catalogue. Read  the full post for more findings, from the most-recorded Christmas song to the top karaoke Christmas tracks.

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