Veteran torrent site Fenopy has shut down after nine years, although of its own volition rather than as the result of a Pirate Bay-style raid by police. “Fenopy was being operated by an Artificial Intelligence that I created back in 2011 and was on autopilot during the past 2 years. The domain just expired few days ago,” its owner told TorrentFreak. However, he didn’t want to let it go without releasing a brilliantly-pompous statement titled “On Liberty of Knowledge”. Some extracts to enjoy: “Shame on us. For taking the greatest invention of our era, The Internet, and turn it into a marketing and surveillance web; all for feeding our greed and controlling the information,” they wrote, before moving on to The Pirate Bay’s founders. “They are the heroes of our generation, the martyrs of the digital era, the liberators of our knowledge in art, science, and humanities. They broke the constructs of ownership and freed themselves even from their lands. Like all of us, they made mistakes too; yet they fought for a human reason.” Quite.

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