The latest music-related hardware crowdfunding campaign is the HiFi-Skyn, albeit with a “true sensation” tagline that makes it sound disconcertingly like a new range of condoms. Launched by CEntrance, it’s an iPhone case with digital audio processing built in, promising tech that will “take the digital signal out of your phone, process it using the same technology found in our award-winning audiophile products, and amplify it to a powerful, crystal-clear signal that will drive any headphones, with pristine highs and powerful bass”. But the case also doubles as a battery booster, promising up to 10 hours of extra juice, as well as a shock-absorber if the phone is dropped. With 40 days left in its Indiegogo campaign, the device has already raised more than $39,000, after setting an initial goal of $12,000. It’s due to ship in March.

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