The rash of social music discovery apps that we saw in 2013 and early 2014 has died down somewhat, with little evidence so far that there’s a big audience for these startups – let alone a sustainable business model. Not everyone is giving up though: Hollywood music supervisor Scott Vener is pressing on with his Undrtone app, which aims to get people sharing their favourite tracks via Spotify, SoundCloud, Rdio and Beats Music. “Our goal is to aggregate all the cloud services and create a place where everybody can have a conversation, no matter what service you’re using,” Vener told Billboard. Yet so far, Undrtone has only been downloaded around 20,000 times – not exactly needle-moving, considering it launched in July 2013 under its original brand of Musaic (Bulletin, 29-Jul-13). By our calculations, that’s around 1,200 downloads a month so far.

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