The Google Glass smart eyewear has been the subject of growing mockery in recent months, including some gleeful reports yesterday about the product being discontinued. That isn’t quite true, although Google is closing its Glass Explorer program and stopping selling Glass to the general public. But the company is presenting this as taking the project to its next level, including breaking it out of the experimental Google[x] division to become a standalone entity. “As we look to the road ahead, we realise that we’ve outgrown the lab and so we’re officially ‘graduating’ from Google[x] to be our own team here at Google. We’re thrilled to be moving even more from concept to reality,” explained an official blog post. “We’re continuing to build for the future, and you’ll start to see future versions of Glass when they’re ready.” There’s also a new boss: Tony Fadell, head of Nest (acquired by Google last year) and also the co-creator of Apple’s iPod back in the day. “Early Glass efforts have broken ground and allowed us to learn what’s important to consumers and enterprises alike,” said Fadell yesterday.

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