Musician PJ Wassermann is shocked at how much (well, how little) money he’s getting paid by YouTube. “151,781 views with 681,104 minutes playtime in eleven months generated an income of $10.02!” he writes in an op-ed for Digital Music News. 

“One million views would generate about $65, one single view boils down to $0.000065. How is a musician supposed to make a living with this kind of payout?” In truth, few musicians have expectations of making a living solely from YouTube royalties – the debate is more about how that service impacts on the other ways they make money, for better or worse. Even so, some of the details provided by Wassermann are fun. “Why do 20,926 views of ‘9. Best of Chillout…’ pay $2.96 but 17,594 views of ‘funny cows singing mix’ pay only $0.28? I don’t know. The same song under the name of ‘La chanson de la vache Techno remix’ pays $2.20 for 24,908 views…”

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