In May 2013, London-based startup wanted to be a new music-focused social network, but a year and a half (and $1.6m of funding) on, it has pivoted into something else entirely. “Rushmore still exists, it is the name of our company but for the moment we are excited to announce that we are moving our live video streaming tool to a new site:,” explained the company last week.

“It is a communication tool and a fun social environment to broadcast live video and interact with all your friends, fans, followers and everyone following you or your personal or professional projects.” So, not just for musicians: Upclose is a livestreaming app for “journalists, athletes, artists, celebrities, content creators, astronauts, you, your friends, your family…” Making money from livestreaming is about as hard as making money from music social-networking, although it’s a much better route to getting bought by someone, if the technology is good.

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