Music accounted for 62 of the top 250 YouTube channels in 2014


katy perryRecently, we ran some analysis of the monthly YouTube charts published on industry site Tubefilter, which use data from analytics firm OpenSlate. That gave us an idea of the most popular music channels on YouTube in 2014, but now the site has published a top 250 for the year, digging a bit further into the longer tail.

The headline stat is that music accounted for 62 of the top 250 channels ranked by annual views in 2014, with 43 of those falling under the Vevo banner. As we noted before, Katy Perry was the top music channel in third place overall, while Shakira, Spinnin’ Records and Enrique Iglesias all made it into the top 10 overall.

Music taking just under a quarter of the top 250 may sound a little low, considering its importance to YouTube as a category. That’s partly a reflection of the cyclical nature of music channel viewing though: channels are quiet when artists are recording, and the big ones have sharp peaks around new video releases – at least until the artist has a sizeable enough back catalogue to keep the views rolling in even when they’re inactive.

Otherwise, when the figures are totted up annually, many artists slip back compared to the steadyu (and building, if they’re good) viewing for vloggers and gamers on YouTube. Hence Taylor Swift in 21st place overall, although she was comfortably inside the top five towards the end of 2014.

Also notable: the low ranking for some of the traditional stars of social/digital media: Justin Bieber had the 43rd most popular YouTube channel in 2014 – admittedly a quiet year for him musically – while Lady Gaga was 158th and Britney Spears 203rd.

Stuart Dredge

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