Imagine a Venn diagram of ‘people who use Snapchat’ and ‘people who are interested in the new Madonna album’. We’re not sure how big a crossover there’d be, in all honesty. That may be the point of the star’s decision to premiere her new music video through the Snapchat app, though – an attempt to reach the kind of younger audience for whom Madonna is a figure from their parents’ musical history. 

The video for ‘Living for Love’ will make its debut within the ‘Snap Channel’ in the recently-launched Snapchat Discover section of the messaging app. That’s Snapchat’s own channel that sits alongside those from Vice, Cosmopolitan, MailOnline, WMG and other brands. It’s unclear how long the exclusive will last for, but we suspect the video will be available more widely online within a few days. We’ll be keen to see the viewing stats on Snapchat if and when they’re announced, although one quirk is that there’s no way to share the video with friends on Snapchat once you’ve watched it.

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