Europe’s new VATMOSS taxation rules mean VAT for “telecommunications, broadcasting and e-services services” (relish that last phrase!) will have to be charged in the country of each customer, not the country of the supplier. Blogger Heather Burns has been investigating what this means for one crowdfunding service in particular: Patreon. She claims that “people who use Patreon as creators to share digital output within the EU will be personally responsible for calculating and processing VATMOSS taxes for each and every patron… 

Those who choose to use it will have to personally query each European patron for their tax status, VAT number, IP address, and/or any of the information required to substantiate the proof of supply. They will be responsible for issuing their own tax invoices to their patrons. They will have to supply the invoice and proof of supply data with their VATMOSS return. They will also, of course, have to store this information in a secure format on an EU-based and data protection compliant server for ten years.” A headache for European creators – and possibly one that extends beyond Patreon.

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