Facebook’s balance between organic page reach and paid ads is a divisive subject: some artists and marketers rail against the idea of having to pay to reach fans who’ve Liked them, while others are chuffed with the results they get from Facebook ads. A petition on Change.org by musician Christopher Murray falls firmly into the former category, and it’s picking up a head of steam with more than 37,000 people signing it so far. 

Titled ‘We Want Facebook To Remove Having To Pay To Reach Fans And Followers’, it calls for Facebook to remove fees for promoting to fans. “Bands like us for example, (especially the unsigned ones) pay Facebook a hefty amount of money for an ad, just to get potential new fans to visit our page,” writes Murray. “On top of that now, we must pay a LARGE fee to talk to the fans already subscribed to our page. So we’re paying double on a service that we heavily rely on. It’s an exploitation of what bands need the most: communication with their fan base.” Facebook dropping its “boost a post” feature is unthinkable, but if this petition continues to grow, it will reignite the debate about organic versus paid reach on the social network.

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