Music licensing firm Freeplay Music has been under fire from  multi-channel networks Machinima and Collective Digital Studio. They are suing it for what they claim is a bait-and-switch strategy of promising free music for use in the background of their creators’ videos, before demanding licensing fees. 

Now Freeplay has hit back in its own counter-lawsuit. “Freeplay notified Machinima and CDS of these infringements, just as any other copyright owner in any other industry would do. But rather than pay Freeplay Music, Machinima and CDS responded by accusing Freeplay Music of ‘extortion’ and being a ‘copyright troll’ – these accusations are false and only add insult to injury,” claims its lawsuit. “Machinima’s and CDS’s systematic misappropriation of Freeplay Music’s copyrights without authorization has harmed our client.” Separately, Freeplay is suing four other MCNs for infringement.

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