We wrote recently about the return of console franchise Rock Band courtesy of its developer Harmonix. But it turns out Harmonix is working on something else too: virtual reality for music. One of its investors, Foundry Group’s Brad Feld, has been raving about it in an op-ed for VentureBeat. “If there is a company on the planet that can figure out the compelling music experience for VR, it’s Harmonix,” he wrote. “While VR video games are cool, they aren’t mainstream. 

But music is mainstream. So the opportunity for VR in music, and music being a leading use case for VR, is enormous.” Feld points to another article on Hardcore Gamer with more details of Harmonix’s plans: virtual reality apps that are essentially 3D music visualisers. For example, a beach scene where “each time I focused on a specific set piece, be it a flower, a lantern, a shell, or the sun itself, it would warp into some sort of insane iTunes Visualizer-like cacophony of colours”. Harmonix has apparently been working on an algorithm to do this for any song, in a variety of scenes.

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