Isn’t Google versus News Corporation a *fascinating* corporate fight? The companies have been at proper loggerheads since News Corp’s chief executive Robert Thomson laid in to Google in a letter to the EC competition commissioner last year (Bulletin, 18-Sep-14) with Google hitting back with a defence of its anti-piracy initiatives later that month (Bulletin, 26-Sep-14). 

Now the battle is back on, after the News Corp-owned Wall Street Journal published a piece about the Federal Trade Commission’s decision to end an antitrust investigation into Google. The company’s response is bookended with a pair of animated GIFs, but in between, Google is keen to play down its influence within US political circles. “We understand you have a new found love of the regulatory process, especially in Europe, but as the FTC’s Bureau of Competition staff concluded, Google has strong pro-competitive arguments on our side…” Expect a few more rounds: this battle is going to be intensely interesting.

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