Here’s our problem – no, actually, here’s THE problem – with music messaging apps. They’re all starting from an install base of zero, without the tens of millions of users of a big streaming music service, or the hundreds of millions of a big messaging app. If there really is a demand to send musical messages to friends (which is possible) surely it will come from one of those two sectors. Or indeed, both via partnerships. 

Still, the music messaging apps keep coming and one, Rithm, has relaunched with an interesting proposition that takes it closer to the likes of Spotify and Deezer. In its basic free version it remains about sending 30-second clips to friends, but there’s now a $3.99-a-month tier that enables those songs to be played in full. Available in the US and Canada for now, Rithm has struck licensing deals with all three major labels plus Merlin, The Orchard and other indie aggregators. Rightsholders are keen to gauge demand for this kind of service, then, but we wonder if Rithm would have a better shot at popularity with a Facebook Messenger integration.

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