There’s never a shortage of estimates and forecasts for ad revenues, and they don’t always agree. Reserve the usual pinch of salt – but also the usual interest – for the latest claims from Strategy Analytics and eMarketer then. The former has been looking into the market for social media advertising, claiming that it reached $15.3bn in 2014, with Facebook accounting for $11.4bn of that, and Twitter $1.2bn. 

Strategy Analytics’ report claims that the total will rise to $19.8bn in 2015 and $24.2bn in 2016. Meanwhile, eMarketer has been looking into the increasingly-related market for mobile advertising, claiming that spending on mobile internet ads – basically anything except messaging ads – will rise from $42.6bn in 2015 to $68.7bn in 2015 then $101.4bn in 2016. Unsurprisingly, both studies see the US as the key market: Strategy Analytics reckon it accounted for 41% of social networking ad spend in 2014, while eMarketer think the US will be top dog for mobile ad spending through to 2018, more than doubling its nearest rival China’s spend this year.

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