T-Mobile US has provided some updated stats on its Music Freedom initiative, which launched last year as a way for its mobile subscribers to stream music without data charges. It now has 19 million people streaming an average of 134m songs a day from its 33 partner services, according to Billboard’s profile of T-Mobile’s move into EDM sponsorship. 

The latter includes a new video series for dance act Above & Beyond based on their recent tour, and a deal to give away 250k downloads of an exclusive Zedd remix. “Music is important to our customers, especially millennials, and EDM fans represent an entire generation who expect to get their music mobile first,” said T-Mobile’s VP of media, sponsorships and events Mike Belcher. Another nugget of news: the Ultimate DJ TV series developed with Simon Cowell’s Syco is toast: “It was attractive to us as a tentpole property to showcase all of our activity in the EDM scene, but it ultimately didn’t work out.”

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