Memo to the family and friends of Kobalt Label Services’ marketing director David Emery: if you buy him a VR headset for Christmas, you’ll be getting SHORT SHRIFT. Emery has published a blog post comparing hype in the technology and music industries, including some clear views on virtual reality. “Someone this week told me that Oculus’s plan was to get them in every living room by Christmas, at a mass market price point, but just think about that for a second,” he wrote. 

“The ideal scenario for the people that are making these devices is a family sitting around on Christmas morning, not talking or interacting with each other, with fucking goggles on their heads.” A turkey, then. But he has serious points to make about hype in both industries. “The need to be relevant, especially in music and tech, is key. If you know something – whether that’s some cool new band or some cutting edge app – and the person next to you doesn’t, that gives you a small element of superiority…”

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