The latest rightsholder exec to speak out on the value of free on-demand streaming music is Sony/ATV’s European EVP of digital and society relations Antony Bebawi. In an interview with Music Week, he suggested that “the subscription part of the business works very equitably and there is enough money in that pot for everyone to make a decent amount” but warned that “ad-funded works in some circumstances, 

it just doesn’t feel like a sensible business model to support complete access to everything you want whenever you want”. Bebawi reserved his sharpest criticism for “no-revenue models, be they piracy, SoundCloud or YouTube when they don’t monetise”. Why? “There is a whole mass of usage where there either isn’t enough money in the pot to pay anyone fairly, or there’s no money at all! So, if those services paid artists, writers or IP owners fairly, their business would run at a loss. That’s the big challenge.”

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