Weav Music is apparently “awesome at any speed” and “a new interactive music format with artistic vision at its heart”.

The kind of slogans we’ve heard before from startups, but in the case of Weav by Cute Little Apps, there’s hopefully more than just bluster.

Cute Little Apps is the startup co-founded by Elomida Visviki and Lars Rasmussen, which Rasmussen left his job as Facebook’s engineering director to launch. Before that, he co-created Google Maps and Google Wave while working at Google.

“Over the past year my fiancé, Elomida, has built what I think is a new and exciting way to compose and experience music,” he said in April as news broke about their new venture. “Trying to turn that into a successful startup together will be way too much fun to postpone any longer.”

Now Weav’s website is live, providing more information about what Visviki and Rasmussen are up to. “Musicians create tracks that can be played back at any speed and still sound awesome. The new format relies on two pieces of software – Weav, a mixer for creating tracks and a player that can be embedded in any third party app,” explains the site.

“Artists can specify how the track should change and develop as the tempo is increased or decreased, opening up tremendous new creative possibilities. The artist controls the composition, changing the experience depending on the playback speed chosen by the listener.”

Among the musicians working with Weav’s beta are Dean Gillard, Ryon Lawford, Konstantinos, Matt Ward and PHiLyesPHiL, who are all featured on the site with video clips of them getting to grips with the technology, which is promised to work alongside the digital audio workstations they’re already using.

As the beta continues we will be sharing more songs developed using Weav. In due course playback will be embedded in third party apps that will allow users to control playback speed, yielding a radically different experience of the music based on their choice,” explains Weav, although it has not set out a timescale for the tech to become publicly available.

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