Are you still confused by Bitcoin and shift uncomfortably when someone mentions it in a meeting, hoping that no one asks you what it is or how it works? Well that discombobulating feeling is only set to increase with the news that AudioCoin (or ADC for short) is now being traded on the Bleutrade currency exchange. 

It is described as “a digital currency to revolutionise the music industry”. It is a crypto-currency aimed at users who, for example, don’t have access to credit cards but want to pay for music content online. Some incredible claims are being made on its behalf. “What the music industry needs right now is innovation and a fresh start. It needs a Bob Dylan strapping on an Electric Guitar, It needs a Woodstock, it needs a Punk Rock style ground zero revolution.” Well, quite. Anyway, it has already been integrated into sites like Aurovine and has its big launch at Midem next week. To be forewarned is to be forearmed. Or something.

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