It’s been a while since a music service used the .fm suffix (we’ve had and, as most seem to favour a –ify ending or Grindr-style misspelling. But, a new service from the Netherlands, aims to let you build playlists that draw in music from where it is both hosted (e.g. SoundCloud) and where it is posted (e.g. blogs or Facebook) using its Feeds tool. 

The service starts from the assumption that people are as promiscuous with their listening platforms as they are with the actual range of music they access online. It is looking to tie it all together, making it somewhat akin to Tomahawk but within a browser as opposed to a desktop client. It already works with Facebook and SoundCloud, saying that Spotify integration is coming soon. It lets users tailor where they draw music from as well as tap into the recommendations of the community. It’s an interesting attempt to solve the problem of online listening happening across multiple apps and browser tabs, scooping everything up and delivering it into one central location.

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