One of the former Grooveshark team has sent a splenetic email to Digital Music News – duly published in full – taking the music industry to task for shutting down the streaming service. “you see gs really could have been a big allie [sic] to the entire industry and artists but about 3 guys decided that we should be killed while Spotify and rdio and Youtube lived,” they wrote. 

“I hope you have a better understanding of how corrupt and FIFA this whole music industry is — they shut down a perfectly good site for some bullshit that Sam did 7 years ago when he was 22 and now regrests [sic]. And the whole time making us look like criminals. So because we don’t have goldman paying $20 million to line the pockets they just dug up some dirty emails and shut it down after running us dry.” They also claim to have “12 more” versions of Grooveshark ready to relaunch as each is shut down by the authorities. It’s a strange email, portraying Grooveshark as a friend to artists and plucky underdog, rather than as a company whose efforts to license weren’t exactly energetic; and whose DMCA-undermining uploading strategy is a matter of court record.

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