MixRadio launches branded stickers within Line app



Streaming service MixRadio was bought from Microsoft by social app Line earlier this year, with one of the key aspects being the potential ability to promote the service app to more than 200m active Line users.

With MixRadio now available on iOS and Android, that strategy is now kicking into gear. MixRadio has launched a free collection of branded stickers within Line’s app called MixRadio Plays Music with Line.

The stickers show musical scenes featuring Line’s range of cartoon characters and MixRadio’s logo, are valid for 90 days, and are free for any user who adds MixRadio’s profile as a friend within the app. At the time of writing, the MixRadio UK profile has just over 5,800 friends on Line, but it’s very early days.

“They’re an amazing company: the fastest-growing mobile app on this planet,” MixRadio boss Jyrki Rosenberg told us in May. “We’ll look at it market-by-market and see where we are most relevant, and where they are most relevant, and we’ll optimise the go-to-market plan by working hard and closely with them.”

His colleague Mark Wheatley has also talked publicly about the potential of cross-promotion on Line. “We will see – I hope – innovation from us in the future, ways that we can integrate music and messaging together more closely to create a more social experience,” he said in March.

“Clearly messaging is the ultimate social experience. Music is – in the real world, non-digital, non-virtual environment – the most social experience possibly out there. But nobody’s managed to translate that digitally into an experience that kind of works. Maybe partnering with messaging gives us that ability to put that together.”

(Hat tip to @jonrussell for spotting the stickers go live earlier today)

Stuart Dredge

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