One to make the heads of RIAA, IFPI etc. choke on their Froot Loops this morning. Kim Dotcom’s latest venture is MegaNet, the “people-powered, censorship-resistant Internet”, and he’s opening it to crowdfunding in exchange for equity. Clearly thumbing his nose at those Big Copyright representatives that have tried to shut him down and extradite him from New Zealand to the US to stand trial, he is planning to launch MegaNet in January, four years to the day from the raid on his Auckland mansion. “How would you like a new Internet that can’t be controlled, censored or destroyed by Governments or Corporations?” is how Dotcom teased the service back in February. He got in touch with TorrentFreak to clarify further. “MegaNet has a unique file crystallization and recreation protocol utilizing the blockchain,” he said. “You can load entire websites with this new technology and it makes them immune to almost all hacker attacks and ddos.” He described it as, “A network by the people for the people. Not controlled by any government or corporations. MegaNet will be a powerful tool to guard our privacy and freedoms and it will also be my legacy.” For the moment, it is not clear how much he is looking to raise but the irony of him seeking money from the public will not be lost of those looking to sue him for, they assert, the facilitation of mass piracy and a consumer free-for-all around their copyrights.

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