This is a fun and quite lovely bit of marketing. Mew worked with Microsoft Office 365 (no – come back!) to help round up 1,000 fans to contribute to the video for ‘The Night Believer’, a track taken from their +- album. They had over 2,250 entries and whittled this down to 1,000 submissions from 65 different countries. The fans not only sent in pictures but they also appear, among other things, speaking and singing inside what seems to be an egg with faces swiping across it. (I guess you could call that a “Tinder Surprise”. (That “joke” is available for free if the band want to use it.).) The fans also appear in loads of little pop up windows to, we guess, tie in with the whole Microsoft Office and +- “thing”. It’s all tremendous fun but then you click on the behind-the-scenes video (this is based on being in the UK) and you get a message saying, “This video contains content from [Merlin] PIAS, who has blocked it in your country on copyright grounds.” Oh. THANKS, EVERYONE. The song is good, though.

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