Collecting society PRS for Music is stepping up its activism in the streaming music space, while reminding the industry that its royalties from streaming in the last year overtook downloads with £38.8m and £26.7m respectively. PRS is launching a campaign called Streamfair that will focus on campaigning for new legislation to ensure musicians get their fair share of streaming revenues – including training its sights on companies “relying on what are known as ‘safe harbour’ provisions to avoid obtaining a licence or paying proper licence fees”.

We’ll leave you to guess the obvious targets. PRS wants more clarity on safe harbour provisions among other demands. “It is unacceptable that some online content providers use ‘safe harbour’ provisions either to make token payments or avoid the need to pay a licence altogether by insisting that they are not liable for content even though their business models are predicated on monetising the creative works they carry,” said CEO Robert Ashcroft, adding that “it’s not right that legitimate, fully licensed digital service providers have to endure the resulting unfair competition”.

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