YouTube may have delayed the commercial launch of its YouTube Music Key streaming service, but according to CEO Susan Wojcicki, the launch will still come this year. In an appearance at the Fortune Brainstorm conference, Wojcicki confirmed that YouTube Music Key “based on feedback, plans to launch later this year”. She also stressed that it won’t be a me-too rival for Apple Music and Spotify.

“YouTube has an impressive collection of music. It’s a little bit different than Apple/Spotify. The music is different and the purpose is different. We have music videos… being able to see your favourite artist play a song… it’s magical.” Wojcicki also addressed growing competition from other services, including Vessel and Facebook, by maintaining that YouTube’s stars won’t leave the network. “Sure, exclusivity would be nice, but I don’t think it’s necessary. YouTube is their home – it’s where their fans were, where they were born. They know that medium. It’s where they’re connecting with their audiences.”

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