When Spotify announced its new running features earlier in the summer, it also talked about a partnership that would bring streaming music to Nike’s separate running app. That happened yesterday with an update to the iOS Nike+ Running app. It works differently to the Spotify app’s running features, which track a jogger’s pace and cue up music to match it. In the Nike app, the key feature is “Pace Stations” where users tap in how fast they want to run, as well as their musical tastes.

“This data then informs a target BPM (beats per minute), which in turn creates a personalised 100-song playlist designed to push the runner’s pace,” explained Nike. “The first-of-its-kind instructive experience then guides runners to their goals when they step in-beat to the prescribed songs.” Nike is including a seven-day free trial of Spotify Premium, or 60 days for users who enter their credit-card details up front. As we noted at the time of the original announcement, the Nike partnership also boosts Spotify in its battle with Apple Music, given that Nike and Apple have been close partners historically.

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