A Wired profile of Spotify’s work around music playlists has given us some thoughts about how the company could open up some of its internal tools to external curators. The first is Truffle Pig, The Echo Nest’s tool to help Spotify editorial staff build playlists: “Say you want high acousticness with up-tempo tracks that are aggressive up to a certain value. It’ll generate a bunch of candidates, you can listen to them there, and then drop them in and add them to your playlist.”

The second is playlist analytics: “Once the editor clicks publish on the playlist, listener data starts flowing in immediately. The playlist changes just as fast, as the team sees which songs people love, which ones they save to other playlists, which ones they skip, and which ones make them ditch the playlist entirely. Are there two songs people particularly love? Maybe those should go up top.” If Spotify is keen for external curators – from tastemakers to artists and labels – to build better playlists for its service, Truffle Pig and analytics could be just the thing. But would that be too much secret-sauce to open up to outsiders?

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