Here’s an interesting lyrical analysis of the most “wordy” acts in music – i.e. who has the biggest vocabulary and isn’t afraid to regurgitate their thesaurus. It looks at their vocabulary size, their lyrical density and the very exciting concept of “new word interval”. Not sure what that is? “On average, the number of words after which a new word is used by the musician.

This is the ratio of (Lyrical density / Vocabulary Size). An N.W.I of X means every Xth word in the lyrics of the artist is a new word, that is, a word he/she has never used before in any of his earlier songs.” Any clearer? Thought so. Anyway, the most vocal of all the pop stars are, unsurprisingly, a number of popular rap chaps such as Eminem and Jay Z – due in no small part to their propensity to “spit” “rhymes”. We’d be most intrigued to see who had the least number of words in their songs. Maybe this is Crazy Frog’s moment to shine again. Sing up at the back… “A ring ding ding ding ding / A Ring Ding Ding / Dingdemgdemg / A ring ding ding ding ding / Ring ding / Baa-Baa.”

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